Our Goals

  • Promote understanding of the city budget by visualizing data.
  • Providing a forum for dialogue.
  • Sharing essential information about the budget process.


    What we do

    Open Budget: Wyoming promotes a deeper understanding of the city budget, so that citizens, officials, and other stakeholders can engage in more informed dialogue about how the City of Wyoming currently works and how it should in the future.

    How we do it

    • We work with community groups to learn how it would be best shared with the public.
    • We work with the Wyoming Finance Department to access budget data and present it in a simple, useful format.
    • We visualize Wyoming budget data and share resources for people to create their own visualizations and analyses.
    • We use tools that are free, open-source, and require minimum technical skill.
    • We stimulate dialogue for Wyoming citizens to discuss the budget.
    • Now that you know our goals, share your ideas here.